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The office of Vestry Member is an ancient and honorable one. The Vestry, together with the Rector,  has responsibility for the good management and welfare of the temporalities of the parish  (things like budgets, building maintenance, etc.).   Vestry Members are also charged with setting a Christian example by promoting the spiritual and moral well-being of the parish. Vestry Members are elected by the Church membership each year at the Annual Parish Meeting.  Current Vestry Members are as follows:

  • Fr. David A. Sweeney, Rector and Dean

  • John Schneider (class of 2023), Treasurer and Rector’s Warden


  • Tessa Sherman, Financial Secretary and People's Warden (class of 2021)


  • Melvin Little (class of 2022)

  • Martha Campbell (class of 2022)

  • Madge Upham (class of 2023)

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